It has been lost forever… Has it really?


Not exactly roadmap, but let’s go page after page and see where it will lead us.
There are many awesome but dying books waiting for us and community to be reborn into this modern world.
We chose R.U.R. from Karel Čapek where the word “ROBOT” was used for the first time in human history.

Will we be different?
We already are.


As a holder of our NFTs you will be able to have a piece of pie from community wallet.

What exactly does that mean?
We are operating tools, that are receiving fees, our community wallet is receiver of 33% of royalties and we are helping other collections get their collections on blockchain.

Our NFTs are treasure by itself and you can do whatever you want with it (all IP is yours).


This project is about earning Solana, Bitcoin and maybe other currencies, building and helping everyone who is willing to share some donation or % to our community wallet.
We also started operating tool that gives people their Solana fees back by closing unused accounts made automatically by Solana to trade NFT etc.
You can check it here: Solana Fee Redeemer

33% of royalties from paperhands go straight to community wallet.
From other projects we receive 15-25% from their royalties right into R.U.R. community wallet.


Scientist who invented human like Robot came out of nowhere and Robots are being assembled in factory on lonely island somewhere…

99 Rossums are born from 46 layers and Robots will be randomly assembled from over 150 parts.
Ordered robots can be picked up on Magic Eden Launchpad, date TBA.

Do you think robots are assembled just from some metal parts?
Well, you are wrong, Rossum found something better.

We would tell you exactly what they are made of, but Rossums Manuscript is gone forever…
But there must be some way to restore it, right?!

After last chapter Rossum will reveal more

Join robots humans us