We got some things to do too
Prepare socials and website

Community wallet

Rewrite story

Apply to Magic Eden Launchpad

Old Rossum mint

Deliver young Rossum to promising explorers


AMAs and spaces with our community

Invite our moms to dinner and get them some flowers

Part 2 of collection – Robots Gen.01

Other parts TBA

Get some R.U.R. tattoo?

Few words about us, two misfits behind this project.
Two IRL friends decided to do something different with help of many people.
In Czech Republic we love Karel Čapek and books because they were so innovative and awesome,
even though they are around 100 years old!
Some exclusive project that Solana has never seen before.
A project that will get funding for tools that people are missing on Solana and other blockchains.
We have so many ideas we want to bring you.
Things that people need (from learning tools, through antiscam tools to tools that can help experienced users)
We already started with some of them, they are soon to be announced.
Stay tuned

Co-founder and dev

Potentional Luna millionaire (or just idiot)
Update 1st July: just idiot…

Big Bitcoin and Solana fan, building helpful tools for people to use for free or with lowest fees.


Co-founder and artist

Art degen who is over 10 years in world of art.
One of the biggest Futurama lovers.
Like cryptocurrencies and NFTs, but pretty new to this part of world.
Got so many plans with this collection, also would like to have own brand.

Bite my shiny metal ass!

Partners we are launching with

Join robots humans us