Miss Glory
It has all started with visit.
Miss Glory came to this island to see robot factory.
This was strongly prohibited to visit factory, but her father mr. Glory was president, so they let her in.

She entered the office and met Domin, CEO of R.U.R. who offered her a tour.
Factory tour where she will see how robots are made.
That was big surprise for her as this process is a secret that is strictly guarded.
She promised, that she will never tell anyone anything she saw in factory.

But before the tour there is some history of R.U.R. that everyone should know so they could better understand robots and their origins.

It was in 1920 when Rossum became a philosopher and as a student he went to this remote island to study marine life.
While doing so, he tried to reproduce living matter, called protoplasm by chemical synthesis.

But he suddenly discovered a substance that behaves exactly like living matter, even though it had a different chemical composition
That was in 1932, just 440 years after the discovery of America and then old Rossum wrote his chemical formulas.

Nature has found only one way to organize living matter, but there is another way.
Easier, faster and more malleable that nature has never come across.
Rossum discovered this second path that could bring life.
Now it’s about getting this life out of the test tube, speeding up development and forming organs, bones and nerves.
And to invent other necessary substances such as catalysts, enzymes, hormones and so on.

With this secret, he could do whatever he wanted.
For example, a jellyfish with a Socratic brain or earthworm 50 meters long, but because he didn’t have much humor, he thought he would make a normal vertebrate or perhaps a human.
Old Rossum was an amazing fool and old eccentric who really wanted to make people.

But do we make people?

But old Rossum meant it literally.
He wanted to scientifically depose God.
He was a great materialist and that’s why he did it all.
It was nothing more than proving that no god was needed
That’s why he managed to make a man like us.
He took it in his head to make everything to the last gland as in a human body.
The appendix, tonsils, navel, needlessness and even the gonads.

Do robots need gonads?
They are not unnecessary.
But if people are to produce artificially, then there is no need for them …

And that’s when Engineer Rossum, old Rossum’s nephew, came here.
A brilliant mind.
As he saw old Rossum he said:
“This is nonsense to make a man for 10 years, if you don’t make it faster than nature, then it’s useless.”
And he started working hard on anatomy.

But it’s different in books!
There is paid advertising in the books and there is what we need to be there.
In the books, for example, the robot was invented by an old man, but he may have be a teacher at university, because he had no idea about factory production.
Only young Rossum had the idea to make it lively and intelligent working machines.
What’s in the books about the collaboration of the two big Rossums is a stupid story.
Those two were arguing cruelly …
Old atheist had no understanding of industry, so finally the young man locked him in some laboratory to do his experiments there.
And so young Rossum started making it himself, the engineer way.
Old Rossum literally cursed him and until his death, he made two more physiological monsters until they finally found him dead in the laboratory.

That’s the whole story…
Oh, wait, it’s not

But what about young Rossum?
Young Rossum, it was a new age, the age of production after the age of knowledge.
When he studied the human anatomy, he immediately saw that it was too complicated and that a good engineer would have made it easier.
He began to redesign anatomy and tried, what could be omitted or simplified.
He simply said: “Human, is something that feels happiness, plays the violin, wants to go out for a walk and it needs to do a lot of things that are actually useless.”

They are not really useless …
They are useless when you have to build a wall or sweep the floor.
The diesel engine does not have tassels and ornaments
Making artificial workers is the same as making diesel engines.
The production should be as simple as possible and the product practically the best.
And which worker is practically the best?
The cheapest and the one with the least needs.
Young Rossum invented the worker with the least needs, because he had to simplify him.
He threw away everything that doesn’t serve the job directly, thus actually he threw away human part and made a robot.
Robots are not humans, they are mechanically more perfect than us, they have amazing intellectual intelligence, but they do not have a soul.

An engineer’s product is more technically refined than a nature’s product.
But human is a product of God.
Yeah and that is worse, because God had no idea about modern technology.

Young Rossum first acted like a God.
He made robots 4 meters high, but very often, their legs broke.
Our planet is a little small for such giants.
Now we only make robots of natural size and very decent human adaptations.

Robots are unique, special, quiet…
Every robot is different
Every robot is unique

And one more thing
They are not afraid of death.

Join robots humans us